Training Centre

Northamptonshire Training Centre

CB Training (UK) Ltd offer a high standard training centre for low cost training. 

CB Training is the only Accredited forklift training centre in the area with a Bendi / Flexi forklift truck.    

We have 3 fully equipped training rooms, a modern well equipped kitchen / canteen for those well deserved break times and a friendly welcoming environment for all people.

Our practical training area is well equipped with modern forklift trucks, Bendi / flexi forklift, PPT's, Reach trucks and an abrasive wheels training area.

Pop in to our Centre and have a look for yourself before making that decision on which Training Centre to select.

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    We Have Modern Forklifts That You Would Find In Most Warehouses



         ITSSAR Accredited Training Company Recognised by HSE    

    Training Centre Location:

    CB Training (UK) Ltd:

    Unit 30 Burkitt Road, Earlstrees Ind Est, Corby, Northants, NN17 4DT

    CB Training (UK) Ltd - Training Room 1

    CB Training (UK) Ltd - Canteen / Kitchen


    When selecting or booking with a training company always ask these questions, you are paying out well earned money make sure you are receiving quality training and certificates that will cover you to work for all companies:-

    We have job vacancies advertised within our Training Centre which helps in the process of training and finding employment once you have finished.  As a major training company we have many customers from small family run businesses to blue chip companies which enable us to provide that all important stepping stone to further employment.

    September 2014 Offers

    Forklift Counterbalance or Reach Truck (re-fresher course) £100.00

    Forklift Counterbalance training (3 day course) £330.00

    Forklift Counterbalance & Reach truck (5 day course) £480.00

    Forklift Bendi / Flexi training (conversion course) £135.00

    Powered Pallet Truck training course £90.00 

    Great discounts now available on all First Aid training courses

    Awarded for High Quality First Aid Training Courses

    First Aid Courses available throughout the Month including Weekends

    Always Ask Questions

    ? ? ?  The more questions you ask the more you will understand ? ? ?

    Q1. Is the training company accredited with either ITSSAR or RTITB?

    Most organisations and recruitment agencies only accept National Accredited Certificates issue by accredited training companies.  Most training companies are either accredited with ITSSAR or RTITB as recognised by the HSE, ensure you are being trained by an accredited company and not just a registered instructor. Contact ITSSAR or RTITB and confirm the company is registered. 

    Q2. Who will be running the training course?

    Many companies sub-contract instructors (whoever is available) CB Training only use our own qualified instructors with many years of experience.  You can only achieve a high standard of training from knowledgeable, flexible, and enthusiastic instructors. Ask about the instructors and their qualities.

    Q3. Where will the training take place?

    Our training centre is a fully accredited indoor training environment, some training companies only have outdoor facilities, some have indoor facilities within farm buildings others will provide training on other peoples working sites. (These areas are not always accredited centres).  Always go and see the training centres before making the booking.

    Q4. Who else will be on the course ? How many people?

    CB Training will only book 3 people per forklift course.  This enables us to give more time to each person on the course along with one to one training. Ensure there are no more than 3 people on your course.

    Q5. How much does the training cost?

    Total Price ?  -  Do I have to pay for certificates or licences ? With our courses quotations and prices are fully inclusive, there are NO HIDDEN CHARGES. Some training companies even charge you for tea & coffee. 

    Q6. Have you been quoted for VNA Training?

    VNA Training is for a Very Narrow Aisle Forklift, these trucks normally lift up to 10 - 15 Metres if you have been quoted for this training always ask the Height you will be trained to? 3-5 Metres is very different to 10 - 15 Metres, you should also be trained on the (Emergency Abseil) from this type of truck.  The height of your test must be on the Certificate otherwise this will be invalid.

    The above questions are a must when choosing your training provider, remember you are paying out the money, ensure you get value for money.  Just because you see an advert don't trust that the company has the National Accreditation. 

    A Quote from a local forklift training school that is NOT Accredited:

    "dont worry, you dont need an Accredited Certificate, you will get a job with our licences, our instructor is registerd, we have never had a problem in the past".

    ? ?  If You Are Spending The Money Make Sure You Receive The Correct Training  ? ?

    Here at CB Training we have 3 Training rooms 2 of which are equipped with digital projectors and the other with a flat screen TV, we have a fully equipped kitchen / canteen with microwave, kettle, toaster, fridge etc... plus a flat screen TV with freeview for those well deserved lunch breaks.

    Photos Our Training Centre Facilities however a photo can not always paint a picture so please feel free to pop in and have a look round

    Reception Area

    Part of our Practical Training Area

    Call or Text now for free advice

    CALL: 01536 201871

    TEXT: 07816 772540

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