Manual Handling

Manual Handling & Manual Handling Train the Trainer

General course information
The course is for any personnel involved in lifting and moving work related equipment. The course is designed to raise awareness and specific handling techniques in line with the Manual Handling Regulations, which require employers to provide training in handling, injury risks and prevention.Course content

  • Establish the weight and dimensions of loads
  • Understand the requirements of the relevant legislation
  • Carry out manual lifting using the kinetic method
  • Confirm the factors to be considered when planning a lift
  • Decide when a group/team lifting is required
  • Appreciate when mechanical aids are required
  • Carry out typical lifts in a safe and proper manner

Select the correct PPE
Assess working areas and walk ways
Principles of safe handling

Experience required
No prior knowledge of topic required

Course duration
4 hr course

Facilities / requirements
A training room suitable for the number of delegates will be required.Availability
On-site & Training CentreCertification
ITSSAR & In-house available

Certification renewal
Recommended every 3 years however this may depend on the company’s risk assessments and internal policies.

Train the Trainer Manual Handling

General course information
This course is designed for in-house trainers who wish to gain instructional techniques relating to Manual Handling Training of employees. The qualification will allow trainers to train and assess internally for the organisation they work for.Course content

  • Role of the instructor
  • Effects of poor lifting techniques
  • Anatomy of the spine & types of injuries
  • Principles of leverage
  • Types of mechanical aids
  • Good lifting and manual handling techniques
  • Formation of TILE and risk assessments
  • Question and answer techniques
  • Lesson planning and Analytical skills
  • Demonstrating training skills and techniques
  • Reoprt writting and communication
  • Training paperwork and assessment

Experience required
Prior knowledge of topic and Certification is recommended

Course duration
3 days

Facilities / requirements
A training room suitable for the number of delegates will be required.

On-site & Training Centre

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