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This course will enable delegates to understand the relevant Health & Safety Regulations, Guidance and Standards and have the ability to identify and select the correct form of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) against falls from height.

Course content

  • Course introduction
  • Legislation, standards and guidance
  • Harness, lanyard and fittings
  • Practical task of fitting harness
  • Pre-use checks (including practical checks on a harness)
  •  Usage and anchor points
  •  Storage and maintenance
  • Rescue planning (specific to companies internal plans)


Experience required

No prior knowledge of topic required

Course duration

3 – 5 hours

Number of delegates

1 – 8


Competency / Awareness

Facilities / requirement

A training room suitable for the number of delegates will be required. It’s recommended for delegates to have with them the harness(s) they will be required to use


On-site and training centre

Certification renewal

Recommended every 3 – 5 years however this may depend on the company’s risk assessments and internal policies

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