Supervising Forklift operators

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Supervision of forklift truck operations

For those managing lifting activities, L117 (Rider-Operated Lift Trucks, Approved Code of Practice and Guidance) is an easy-to-understand and valuable reference. It provides those overseeing safety with the guidance they need.

The HSW Act requires you to provide adequate supervision. It is essential that supervisors have enough training and knowledge to recognise safe and unsafe practices.

Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER) applies to all work equipment. The Regulations require that: supervisors and managers have received adequate training for the purposes of health and safety, including: training in the methods which may be adopted when using work equipment and any risks which such use may entail and precautions to take.

HSE ACoP L117 further confirms this, stating:

Supervisors should be able to:

  • carry out an effective observation and know what to look for
  • communicate effectively with operators and line managers
  • recognise unsafe practice and behaviour
  • maintain and promote health and safety standards

The correct training for managers reduces the risk of an accident, reduces the risk of injury and delivers financial benefits to an organisations bottom line by reducing damage to stock, equipment, fixtures and fittings and improves the productivity and efficiency of your operation.

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