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This course is designed to train instructors in the delivery of the skill requirements and associated job knowledge of basic lift truck operators. This is to the nationally recognised levels of skill, ability and safety as laid down by the Approved Code of Practice L117. Delegates will be assessed on the forklift instructor training course with the following elements throughout the 10 days.

Course content

  • Practical test to instructor standards
  • Conduct a practical demonstration
  • Theory examination on health & safety
  • Theory examination on recommendations of training
  • Theory examination on instructional techniques
  • Conduct a practical lesson
  • Report writing
  • Practical skills testing



Our forklift instructor training courses are our flag ship courses. Such as the formula one teams use their best engineering techniques, skills and knowledge which flows down to road cars, here at CB Training ,we do exactly the same.

Our forklift training tutors have over 20 years of experience with teaching instructors which means our experience, knowledge and abilities are transferred to all instructors we train.

We use the most modern teaching forklift training techniques and skills to ensure the instructor we train, learn to the highest standards and achieve the highest standards possible on the courses.

You're only as good as your teacher.

We provide a great support network, both on your forklift training instructors course and on completion of the course once back in the workplace

Our service, knowledge and experience is always a phone call away.

We provide course materials to use whilst on the course accompanied by an instructor compendium of all types of teaching and training techniques along with course materials for you to use once back in the workplace.

We want you to “Be The Best” so that people ask where you were trained and come to CB Training. We have used this ethos for many years which means most of our forklift instructor training courses are booked well in advance. Please check the available course dates and get in touch with one of our team to discuss availability and current offers.

Experience required

At least 12 months operating experience and a refresher within 6 months prior to attending the instructor’s course. Delegates must have the ability to adapt their approach to suit the needs of different trainees, be able to communicate effectively and be able to lead and control a group. This course is highly participative; delegates will be expected to take part in all activities as the award of qualification is based mainly on assessed performance.

Course duration

10 day course, 5 day direct entry, 4 day re-reg

Number of delegates

1 – 6


ITSSAR standards

Facilities / requirement

These courses would normally be conducted at our training centre however our office will advise on the facilities required should you wish to receive on-site training


On-site and training centre

Certification renewal

Recommended every 3 – 5 years however this may depend on the company’s risk assessments and internal policies

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Frequently Asked Questions

Forklift trainers instruct staff members on how to safely and effectively operate forklifts. A forklift trainer is important because they help forklift operators understand how to correctly operator forklift trucks safely in the working environment.

To become a forklift instructor, candidates must be a lift truck operative, with a recommended minimum 6 months experience. Must have strong written skills and verbal communication skills. Must have completed the Basic Operating Skills Test on a counterbalance or reach truck in the previous 6 months.

£20,000+ per annum seems to be the average for a forklift trainer, Benefits include great hours and job satisfaction.

Forklift instructor courses takes approximately 10 days, with a 3 or 4 day refresher training course every 5 years. On completion of the forklift instructor course, you will understand the principles of forklift training and much more. 

The ITSSAR lift truck instructor course will provide candidates with the skills required to prepare and examine operators for working with the relevant forklift truck. Courses are delivered on all types of forklift trucks and designed to provide certified operators with the relevant skills and knowledge to train others at their work place. Trainee instructors will required to be certificated to a high standard of operating ability for the lift truck category that they wish to teach on.

You should use training accredited by ITSSAR as a National Accredited training provider. which meets high quality training standards. You can become a forklift instructor with training at our Northamptonshire academy.

At CB Training (UK) Ltd, we provide fully qualified and accredited forklift instructor training courses which meet training standards for the highest quality.

We offer forklift instructor training courses through ITSSAR accredited training throughout the UK for a 10 day forklift instructor novice course or the re-registration forklift instructor’s course.  

We are a dedicated and accredited training centre in the heart of Northamptonshire, attracting trainees from all over the UK with the highest standard of forklift instructors courses.

The forklift instructor courses differ from both courses and the final achievement, certification is different for in-house and national accredited forklift instructors. We highly recommend contacting one of our training team so that we can understand your requirements and provide free information to help you choose the correct forklift instructors course for your workplace, job or requirements.