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This Working at Height training course helps you to comply with the Work at Height Regulations 2005.  Every employer must ensure that employees are appropriately trained to ensure that they can carry out their work safely.  This course ensures employees understand procedures and application for working at height tasks and duties.

Course content

  • Course introduction
  • Legislation, standards and guidance
  • Working at height regulations
  • Always and never when working at height
  • Working at height control measures
  • Planning work at height tasks
  • Working at height inspection regime
  • Safety equipment for working at height
  • Selecting the correct work at height equipment
  • Hazards and precautions
  • Safe use of harnesses for working at height
  • Theory test


Experience required

No prior knowledge of topic required

Course duration

4 hours

Number of delegates

0 – 8


Competency / Awareness

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Facilities / requirement

A training room suitable for the number of delegates will be required.  Its recommended for delegates to have with them harness(s) they will be required to use for working at height tasks


On-site and training centre

Certification renewal

Recommended every 3 years however this may depend on the company’s risk assessments and internal policies

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